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  • Debby Pomazal

Thanksgiving Traditions; Generations Past, Present and Future

Traditions vary widely but my favorite is our candle ceremony which our family has enjoyed for many years. Whether there are two people or twenty five, it provides a spirit of unity and gratitude. 

In preparation, a votive candle is placed by each plate at the table. There are also three tapered candles in the center of the table.  Prior to partaking of our traditional turkey dinner, one at a time, each person lights their votive candle and states what they are thankful for that year. The  tapered candles represent the past, present, and future generations. They are lit one at a time, usually by a person closest to that generation.  That person can either ad lib or read a written statement thanking each generation. 

The ceremony truly makes Thanksgiving a special meal. Young children enjoy participating and can have some very profound testimonies of gratitude.

I am very grateful that God has given me the blessings of a wonderful family, my ancestors who came to America on the Mayflower, a great country in which to live, and our Savior,Jesus Christ. 

I am also thankful for a mother who taught me to face challenges with a positive attitude and was willing to share some of her innermost thoughts in her book, Around the World In 93 Years, An Uncharted Journey. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all and may God bless you!

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