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    "Another unexpected jolt came in 1953 while at Camp Pendleton. Bob was recruited by the CIA. Our first assignment would be on the tiny island of Saipan, way out in the vast Pacific.

Returning to the Marine Corps for Korea was one thing, but the prospect of living a possibly dangerous life undercover, exposing my two girls to untold threats and who knew what else—well, quite another thing!

     This time I was verbose with my protests, doing my utmost to convince Bob that he had already given more than enough for our country. He had fought in the harsh, hand-to-hand battles of Guadalcanal (1943) and Iwo Jima (1945), and then served during the rehabilitation of Japan. Not to mention that he had, again, voluntarily joined the Marine Corps for the Korean conflict. Surely this decision to enter the CIA was over the top.

     After much discussion and private soul-searching, I made a resolute decision that we would always, even beyond the CIA service, be bonded together as a loving, happy family—come what may. Believe me, that stand would be put to many tests..."



    Sue lives in a retirement community in Redlands, California, and now at 93, has fulfilled her dream of sharing her exciting life story.  Sue is the mother of three daughters, fourteen grandchildren, and twenty seven great-grandchildren – a close and caring family.



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