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  • Debby Pomazal

In the beginning....

In the beginning, Around the World in 93 Years was to be a journal of the life a great- grandmother who wanted to share the fascinating events of her life with her family. The book blossomed into an intriguing account full of personal insights into the history of the last ninety-three years. This candid and patriotic story reveals details of life during many historical eras: life in Hollywood during the riveting silent picture era; the roaring 20’s; the Great Depression; WWII; the Korean War; the Vietnam War. Sue endured many struggles as the bride of a Marine hero in WWII and contributed to the war effort by working as a ‘Rosie the Riveter.’ Her life forever changed when her beloved husband was recruited for the CIA. She was suddenly thrown into a life full of intrigue far away from lovely California to the tiny island of Saipan and then to exotic Thailand, Laos and Taiwan.

Around the World in 93 Years is more than just a history. It is a story of trials, perseverance, love, devotion and faith. Sue’s wisdom, humor and love of God are truly inspirational.

I am Sue’s youngest daughter, Debby. Even though, I lived much of the life in the book, seeing it from my mother’s viewpoint was enlightening. She continues to remember interesting events and has an insightful and unique perspective; so I, along with my sister, Nancy, will use this platform to share her thoughts and responses with her readers.

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