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Underwater reconnaissance

He didn't like to talk about it much but Robert Dabney was one of the many unseen heroes of WWII. Just like many of today's veteran's, their service goes mostly unnoticed and yet we sit in a free country today because of it. We are free to choose, to vote, to pursue our happiness and to worship as we see fit. Some of these freedoms are slowly and almost imperceptibly being eliminated. Please pray for our country.

Thank you to all veterans and particularly to those in our family.

Below is an excerpt regarding Robert Dabney's courageous military career in the 5th Marine Division and the famous picture of the Marines raising the flag on Mount Suribachi in Iwo Jima. He was climbing up the hill when they raised the flag! Read more in "Around the World in 93 Years."

Written by Sue Dabney Catalano:

Upon completing his mission of underwater reconnaissance of Iwo Jima's beaches, Bob reported back to his superiors, grabbed his gear, boarded landing craft and was in the first landing on the beach - under great fire. Bob and company then began the slow ascent up the high point of the island, Mt. Suribachi. After heavy battle, when he was mostly to the top, he looked up and saw the thrilling sight of the raising of the American flag and joined with the jubilant shouts by those below.

The combined forces then began the slow capture of the flat portion of Iwo Jima, built a much needed landing strip for aricraft, supploies and evacuation of the wounded. The fight was tedious and slow due to the rooting out of the enemy who was dug in a complex network of underground caves.

Final victory was achieved in 35 days.

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