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The Restorer

At her stage in life, Sue jokingly says she needs to be restored, mentally and physically! She definitely has not lost her sense of humor! Every morning she studies the scriptures and reads from an inspiring book written by one of her dear friends, Dorothy Minchin-Comm whom they lovingly called Dot Comm. The book is entitled ‘Glimpses of God, Daily Meditations for Adults.’ She found this page to be particularly appropriate, knowing that all things will be restored through God. Please feel free to share in the joy of our Restorer. The contents of this particular page are written below:

“June 8



I have an antique rolltop desk that I value highly. Before a favorite aunt bequeathed it to me she had it “restored.” She told me that it had been in very poor condition when she found it in a secondhand shop and bought it for $20. Today, however, it stands before my study window, fully restored, looking as good as when it was new some 130 or more years ago and with a potential value of several thousand dollars.

I always admire people who restore things—even when I don’t fully understand how or why they do it. The individual who spends tens of thousands of dollars to revive an antique car. The couple who study every available book and magazine so that they can turn their house into the Victorian mansion it once was. The wallpaper, the furniture, the bathtub, the mirrors –everything has to be correct. They may have to remover layers of paint to reach the original surfaces. Some architectural features will have to be custom-made. What looks like a flat black table may turn out to have a gorgeous grain or inlay work—after you have removed a half dozen coats of varnish and stain.

The word “restoration” implies that something has been damaged or perhaps altogether lost. The time in English history known as the Restoration refers to the return of King Charles II to the throne in 1660, following the Puritan interlude of Oliver Cromwell. Restoration involves more than a coat of paint or a bit of Scotch tape. That is only makeshift repair. Complete restoration means “good as new.” Sometimes it is even better!

When David cried, “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation,” he spoke more than he knew (Ps. 51:12, NKJV). God’s restoration is complete! Long ago, at the beginning of our sin problem, we spoiled God’s creation. All of it –physical, moral, everything. The good news of the book of Revelation, however is that the Divine Restorer is going to give it all back to us. “Then he who sat on the throne said, ‘Behold! I am making all things new?’” (Rev. (Minchin-Comm)21:5, NEB). Eternity will even restore to us the time we have lost!

[Heavenly Craftsman, I can never be content with a patch-up repair to my life. Restore Your life in me—completely. At any cost.]”

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