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  • Debby Pomazal

The Day Our Whole Life Changed…

Few people alive today remember hearing firsthand the day our country was attacked by the bombing of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Although Hawaii was not a state at the time, it had been formed as a U.S. Territory in 1900 and many Americans were stationed there. Today, Sue related the following description regarding that significant day:

“This is the day our whole life changed! It was a shock and catapulted the nation into a complete change of life for most of us. The women, for the first time took on the necessary jobs that the men deserted to go off to war.

"In our particular family, we were watching the war in Europe while Hitler was conquering country after country. Winston Churchill, working closely with President Roosevelt, wanted us to come into the war to help in Europe. The U.S. did not join the war until Pearl Harbor was bombed.

"We were frightened, shaken up and wondering how we would be affected personally. We shifted into a wartime basis in all ways. It was devastating yet exciting, too.”

Read more in her book, Around the World In 93 Years, where Sue describes her job as one of ‘Rosie the Riveters.’

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