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  • Debby Pomazal

Christmas Stocking for Jesus, Funny Funny Mother

Is this you?

SEE MOTHER... FUNNY FUNNY MOTHER See Mother, see mother laugh. Mother is happy. Mother is happy about Christmas. Mother has many plans. Mother has many plans for Christmas. Mother is organized. Mother smiles all the time. Funny, funny mother. See Mother. See mother smile. Mother is happy. The shopping is done. See the children watch TV. Watch children, watch. See the children change their minds. See them ask Santa for different toys. Look. Look. Mother is not smiling. Funny, funny mother. See mother. See mother sew. Mother will make dresses. Mother will make robes. Mother will make shirts. See mother put the zipper in wrong. See mother sew the dress on the wrong side. See mother cut the skirt to short. See mother put the material away until January. Look. Look, see mother take a tranqualizer. Funny, funny mother. See mother. See mother buy raisins and nuts. See mother buy candied pineapple and powdered sugar. See mother buy flour, and dates, and pecans, and brown sugar, and Bananas, and spices and vanilla. Look. Look. Mother is mixing everything together. See the children press out cookies See the flour on their elbows. See the cookies burn. See the cakes fall. See the children pull taffy. See mother pull her hair. See mother clean the kitchen with the garden hose. Funny, funny mother. See mother. See mother wrap presents. See mother look for the end on the tape roll. See mother bite her finger nails. See mother go. See mother go to the store 12 times in one hour. Go mother go. See mother go faster. Run mother run. See mother trim the tree. See mother have a party. See mother make pop corn. See mother wash the walls. See mother scrub the rug. See mother tear up her organized plan. See mother forget a gift for Uncle Harry. See mother get hives. Go mother go. See the far away look in mother's eyes. Mother has become disorganized. Mother has become dis-oriented. Funny, funny mother. It is finally Christmas morning. See the happy family. See father smile. Father is happy. Smile father smile. Father loves the fruit cake. Father loves the Christmas pudding. Father loves all his new neckties. Look. Look. See the happy children. See the children's toys. Santa was very good to the children. The children will remember this Christmas. See mother. Mother is slumped in a chair. Mother is crying uncontrollably. Mother does not look well. Mother has ugly dark circles under her blood shot eyes. Everyone helps mother to her bed. See mother sleep quietly under her heavy medication. See mother smile. Funny, funny mother.

Author unknown.

Okay, so this was me(minus the medication)! I admit it! I heard this poem many years ago and related to it way more than I wanted to admit. I have six children and would make sure they all had the same number of gifts (one year it was eleven each!) I made sure that Santa had brought each a special gift with special wrapping and had filled all their stockings with goodies. This usually meant being up until 1:00 to 3:00 on Christmas morning, since procrastination is another one of my downfalls. Exhaustion was my norm for Christmas morning.

One such Christmas morning, I was awakened about 2:00am by some rustling and whispering in the stairwell. I found my four sons leaning over the upstairs railing with a long string of belts and hangers. Their sister, whose bedroom was downstairs, was hanging their stockings on the hooks for them to pull up. One of the younger boys knew where every step creaked so he was sent down to wake his sister first without waking us then went back upstairs. Why he didn't just get all the stockings and take them up somewhat puzzled me but it did make for a better story! This was a very creative plan but after having only a half hour of sleep, appreciation was not exactly what I felt at the time! This prompted the rule that they had to wait until the sun rose to get their stockings.

After many years of feeling like we had lost the Christmas spirit, we decided to institute our stocking for Jesus. Before we opened our gifts, we said a prayer of gratitude for all that we had received. We then each wrote on a small slip of paper the spiritual gift we wanted to give to Jesus that year. This could include reading our scriptures daily, being nicer to each other, spending more time with family, etc.. We then placed it in a plain red stocking. The next year we read our gift to see if we had kept our promise and then gave a new gift for that year. This simple act helped to set the tone for the rest of the Christmas. We keep Jesus’ stocking out all year as a reminder of our gift to Him.

May you remember to keep Christ in Christmas and feel the true joy of the season all year long! Merry Christmas and may God bless you this new year!


Jesus' stocking on the tree

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